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Wildlife reporting

In case you see endangered wildlife
in nature or wildlife crime


WAR's hotline: 0976.06.76.46
WAR office: 08 3899 7314
HCMC Forest Protection Department
Mobile Team: 08 3794 7045


Releasing rescued sea turtles Hon Mun - Nha Trang
On the 6th July 2016, Wildlife At Risk cooperates with The Marine Resource Protection and Quality Management Department of Ho Chi Minh city releases successfully two (02) sea turtles, Eretmochelys imbricate, in the sea of Hon Mun Marine Protected Area – Nha Trang
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Return to the wild environment
O​n Tuesday 23rd June 2015
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Release 43 endangered wildlife back to the wild
Dated 4th September 2014 – This morning, 43 individuals of endangered wildlife were successfully released to Dong Nai Culture and Nature Reserve, Dong Nai Province by Wildlife At Risk (WAR) in cooperation with Ho Chi Minh City Forest Protection Department.
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Release more than 400 individuals of wildlife
Ho Chi Minh City, dated 18 April 2014 - Wildlife At Risk (WAR) cooperated with Ho Chi Minh City Forest Protection Department to release over 300 individuals of Red-Collared Dove (Streptopelia tranquebarica), 120 individuals of Tokey Gecko (Gekko gecko), and 13 individuals of Lesser Whistling Duck (Dendrocygna javanica).
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Tagging and releasing rescued sea turtles
Phu Quoc Island, dated 19 July 2013 – One Hawksbill turtle weighing 9kg and one Green turtle weighing 12 kg were successfully tagged and released back to the Gulf of Thailand despite the storm and thus big waves this morning
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Fifty four endangered animals found freedom
Dated 17th May, 2013 – Fifty four endangered wildlife individuals including 39 individuals of Elongated Tortoise (Indotestudo elongata)
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